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Tuna Place

FOR those coming from western Misor, don’t have to drop by Cagayan de Oro to devour the yummiest tuna dishes in town! It’s available right in the middle of Initao!

In Tuna Place is located at Purok 6,m Tubigan, Initao beside Isidro Beach and they are open from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

They offer the following dishes: grilled belly, tuna steak, grilled panga, grilled buntot, tuna tinola, kilawin, tuna balls, tuna sisig, chili paksiw, tuna tocino, tuna omelette, tuna nuggets, fried grilled popmapno, grilled chicken, tuna embutido, tuna lumpia, pizza nachos, chicken meaty fries, chicken tuna shawarma, chicken meat nachos, beef burger, shawarma rice, shawarma pizza, chicken quesadillas, tuna bunwich, tuna quesadilla, chicken/tuna shawarma

and tuna wrap.

Your perfect catch at In Tuna Place!


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