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Taste Camiguin's finest tableya with SaBroso

SABROSO makes healthy, rich and tasty artisan chocolate products made from 100% pure cacao beans from the island of Camiguin. The owners’ passion and love for cacao, the desire to support local cacao farmers, to help promote tourism and create livelihood in "the island born of fire" continuously fuels this business. SaBroso uses cacao beans cultivated from Camiguin’s rich and fertile volcanic soil. Combined with the Philippine climate, it produces high quality cacao beans with a distinct taste and aroma you can only experience with Sabroso chocolate products. Tsokolate is the traditional Filipino thick and rich tablea hot chocolate drink. Sabroso tablea and cacao products are easy to prepare, hand-crafted tsokolate from finely ground, traditionally roasted cacao beans and hand-molded shell-shaped cacao tablea. Each tablet will surely awaken your taste buds and let you experience that rich tasting Filipino tsokolate experience.

Some health benefits of eating SaBroso All Natural Cacao products:

Made from 100% pure cacao beans · The Guilt-Free chocolate - no sugar and can be enjoyed by those with high sugar level or Diabetes. · Helps improve blood circulation. Cacao is best for people with high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. · Rich in antioxidants to help your body fight illnesses and diseases · High nutritional content to boost your immune system. Contains high levels of Vit C and Zinc. Also has Vitamin A,B, and E; Calcium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, and Potassium. · Has Serotonin, the happy hormone which promotes a positive feeling to boost and improve your mood. · No additives, no preservatives or artificial coloring · Non-GMO · Gluten-Free · Keto and Vegan friendly SaBroso is available in tablea, cacao powder, cocoa powder, nibs and butter. SaBroso is FDA-certified and Halal It was part of Gulfood Dubai (February 2022) and MAFBEX (June 2022) and will be one of the exhibitors in WOFEX MANILA this August 3 to 6.


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