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Sm Supermalls

The SM Supermalls has once again organized ChriSMiles, a volunteer activity that has become a yearly Christmas tradition, aiming to benefit communities with special needs. In this season of giving, SM Supermalls and Jollibee unite to spread the joy to the kids with Leukemia at the home with little warriors, Leupapo INC.

The organization shelters children experiencing physical degradation, fighting to live a healthy life. SM volunteers shared a moment with the patients to celebrate the holiday season. They extended help, and bonded with the children, and learned about their inspiring journey in beating leukemia. There were ninety children and an approximate number of ninety parents who live in LEUPAPO today. The SM CDO Malls gave food baskets, and grocery items for each families and the organization, something they can share for Christmas.

The official partner of SM, Jollibee Foods Corporation, shared the joy of eating great tasting food with the kids of LEUPAPO. It was a meaningful day for everyone, the founder of the organization shared that the best way to encourage the children to fight is to bring joy in their hearts. It has been his long commitment to help patients and welcome anyone who needed help. The kids were very excited to see Jollibee perform exclusively for them. The happiness they felt warmed the hearts of everyone, specially to see them dance and sing for joy. It was one of the best way to celebrate the holidays, bringing hope to the patiends, sharing a beautiful memory they will carry in their journey.

The little warriors of the shelter painted a beautiful picture of joy through the smiles in their faces. It was a memorable day especially to the volunteers of the activity. A beautiful moment SM CDO Malls would like to share and encourage everyone to pass on the culture of kindness to make our communities even better.


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