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Sandbar Beach Resort and Guesthouse

Sandbar Beach Resort and Guesthouse

By Mona Lagbas

Come and try a summer getaway where you can build sandcastles in a secluded beach! Sandbar Beach Resort and Guesthouse lets you make lasting memories with your families and friends especially during sunrise when sandbars form.

Sandbar Beach Resort and Guesthouse, located at Looc, Villanueva Town in Mis. Or., offers a private rendezvous with fresh mouthwatering gastronomic delights cooked to perfection! Well-appointed rooms await you while you relax comfortably in a homey atmosphere!

Sandbar Beach Resort and Guesthouse also accommodates overnight stays and gatherings like weddings, anniversaries, corporate meetings, simply check in at 2pm and checkout at 10am the next day. Beach and room rates are very affordable, just book your stay thru cell number 0977-399-3649 or thru messenger.

So, for a safe and memorable family and friends gathering, make it Sandbar Beach Resort and Guesthouse.


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