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Rabbit delicacies now available in CDO

IF you are curious enough as to how rabbit meat tastes like, they are now available here in Cagayan de Oro thanks to the concerted effort of the Rabbit Colony Association which has been selling both marinated and cooked rabbit meat in recent years coming fresh from their farm in Balulang.

Products of the Rabbit Colony Association can be found in Ororama Supercenter, SM Supermarket uptown, Savemore Capistrano and Savemore Kauswagan. Their products are also on display every Thursdays and Fridays at the provincial capitol farmers market and every last week of the month at City Hall mini-park.

Products available are sisig, ready to roast, ready to grill and lechon rabbit.

So why rabbit meat? First of all, rabbit meat contains a high percentage of protein and other vitamins. It contains the least amount of fat. Rabbit has lower caloric value than other meats. Rabbit meat is very low of cholesterol. The sodium content of rabbit meat is relatively lower than other meats. Rabbit meat contains a high percentage of calcium and phosphorus than any other meat. And rabbit meat is considered a general healthy meat to enhance sexual ability and fertility.

For bulk orders, please call 09936066182. Try their rabbit meat today!

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