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PhilHealth's Konsulta program launched in Brgy Tibanga, Iligan

ILIGAN CITY (PIA)--In a significant step towards improving access to healthcare services, the Konsultasyong Sulit Tama (Konsulta) Program of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) was officially launched in Barangay Tibanga. The event marked a transformative moment for the community, as it highlighted the commitment to ensuring quality healthcare for all residents, representing a significant stride towards achieving universal healthcare coverage in the country. The program is a pioneering initiative of PhilHealth to address the pressing need for accessible and affordable primary healthcare services across communities. Grounded in the principles of preventive care and early intervention, the program aims to empower Filipinos to take charge of their health by providing them with easy access to vital medical services. Dr. William Bernardo, health consultant for Iligan City, highlighted the pivotal role of the Konsulta facility as a gatekeeper and navigation hub for healthcare services. He elaborated on the facility’s function, indicating that consultations conducted here would determine if a patient's condition could be treated at home or if hospitalization was necessary. This will help reduce the number of patients seeking health services from the city hospital. Meanwhile, Barangay Tibanga Chairperson Henry Cooper expressed his overwhelming joy and shared that the establishment of the Konsulta Center had been a long-standing dream for Barangay Tibanga. He stressed the significance of accessible healthcare, particularly for those living below the poverty line who cannot afford private hospitals.

On the other hand, Verne Padilla, chief of staff of the city government of Iligan, emphasized the indispensable role of collaboration and reiterated the commitment to improve the health system. "Rest assured that the local government of Iligan will always support Konsulta centers. Kailangan jud nato ang [We need] collaboration. This Konsulta will not be possible without the collaboration of everyone, from PhilHealth, DOH, barangay officials, and the local government of Iligan," he said. By addressing the gaps in primary healthcare services and promoting early intervention, the program has the potential to enhance the overall health and well-being of Filipinos. The Local Health Insurance Office PhilHealth Iligan Chief, Christine Mae Magno, highlighted the extensive resources and benefits provided by PhilHealth, underscoring the importance of accessing these benefits through diligent compliance with facilities accredited by their office. "Ang Philhealth daghan ug [has abundant] resources and [numerous] benefits; it is a matter of accessing these benefits, which we cannot and can never access if we do not do our jobs and we do not comply with the requirements," she said. As it expands its reach to more barangays and communities, the Konsulta Program is poised to become a transformative force in the country's healthcare landscape, prioritizing the health of the nation and ensuring that quality medical care is within everyone's reach. (LELA/PIA-10/Lanao del Norte)


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