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Relax anytime of the day at MOTD Café

THE “motd” in MOTD Café stands for “mood of the day”.

So whether you’re simply relaxing or unwinding from stress, you can let all your heart out here at MOTD Café because the ambiance is so quiet, you can recharge here.

You’d be amazed to know that MOTD Café is located right at the heart of Cagayan de Oro particularly at GL Executive Centrum, JR Borja Street in between Corrales Avenue and Pabayo Street.

What’s more, they have reserved spots for their valued patrons inside the building’s spacious courtyard parking the moment they open at 6:30 a.m. up to the time they close at 12:30 midnight.

That means MOTD Café’s patrons are varied, catering to all walks of life who would drop by after jogging in the morning, have snacks while studying before their exams during midday and chill before going home at night.

MOTD Café offers espresso iced or hot (black coffee cocoa, cappuccino, caramel macchiato, hazelnut mocha latte, matcha latte, Spanish latte); non-caffeinated (white choco matcha, sweetened strawberry, choco cookie float); refreshers (strawberry lemon Yakult, butterfly pea, sparkling mix berries, bottled water, Coke Zero mini, Coke mini and beer in bottle or bucket.

Foods available are tuna sandwich, waffle (choco/strawberry/maple), ramen, cheese sticks, tuna wrap, beef nachos, sanchefries, red velvet cookie, choco cookie and fribundle.

They also have snack boxes available for takeout.

MOTD Café now accepts orders via Maxim.

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