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MisOcc PPO reports notable accomplishments in 2023

OROQUIETA CITY, Misamis Occidental (PIA)--Peace and development remain the top priorities in Misamis Occidental, as the number of crimes decreased by 10.37% from April 1–31, 2023, compared to the same time last year; meanwhile, crime clearance efficiency has registered an increase of 0.88%.

During the second quarter meeting for C.Y. 2023 held at the Asenso Misamis Occidental Sports and Cultural Center, June 23, Chief Provincial Operations Unit, Rolinson John Cabal, said efforts are aimed at attracting investors and creating business opportunities and an ideal place to live, invest, and do business.

On the campaign against illegal drugs, the monthly operational accomplishments covering the period April, May, and June 2023, MisOcc PPO recorded eight accomplishments, 11 arrested personalities, and confiscated 23.5335 grams of shabu for the period April 1–30, 2023. For the period of May 1–31, 2023.

He also said that the PNP conducted six operations, with six personalities arrested, and confiscated 10.5 grams of illegal drugs.

For the period of June 2023, they conducted 5 positive operations with 5 personalities arrested and confiscated 8 grams of shabu, for an overall total of 19 positive operations. They arrested 22 personalities and confiscated 42.0335 grams of shabu, yielding a confiscation value of P285,827.80 based on the DDB standard drug price.

On the operational accomplishments against loose firearms during the conduct of police operations for the period of April 1–30, 2023, the PNP recorded one arrest and one confiscated firearm.

They also yielded 44 surrendered firearms due to the massive dissemination of information in relation to the campaign KONTRA BOGA.

For May 1–31, 2023, the PNP recorded three arrests with a total of 13 firearms confiscated during police operations and with the effort of the line units through the conduct of information dissemination.

The MisOcc PPO has also recorded 22 surrendered firearms.

For the month of June 1–31, 2023, the PNP has conducted three positive operations, with two arrests and 12 confiscated firearms. Also recorded were two surrendered loose firearms as a result of the massive information dissemination by line units.

For anti-illegal gambling, the PNP recorded 16 accomplishments for the period April 1–29, 2023, with 71 arrested personalities and confiscated items worth P7,126.00. As of May 2023, the PNP recorded 16 positive operations, 48 arrested personalities, and a confiscated amount of P4,674.75.

For the month of June 2023, PNP had accomplished three positive operations with 10 arrested personalities. Of the 35 positive operations conducted, 129 personalities were arrested with an amount of confiscated items of P13,096.75.

For the arrest of wanted persons for the period of April 2023, the PNP recorded 52 operations conducted with 53 persons arrested and 59 warrants served.

Misamis Occidental PPO stands firm that the province of Misamis Occidental is generally peaceful and manageable. (SMRN/PIA-10/Misamis Occidental)


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