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Krissieana Catering

Have a hassle-free handaan with Krissieana Catering FROM Chef Cecille, a student of the prestigious Culinary Institute of Cagayan de Oro, comes the most delicious catering provider in town, Krissieana Catering.

Named after Chef Cecille’s two daughters, Krissieana Catering offers various options for your party food needs – from trays to packages to packed meals to mobile setups.

For trays, you can select from the following dishes: seafood (mix seafood, buttered shrimp, fish fillet, sweet and sour fish, fried calamares, breaded shrimp, escabeche); pork (humba, menudo, afritdada, lumpiang shanghai, sweet and sour pork, pork kare-kare, pork kilawin); chicken (buttered chicken, original fried chicken, chicken fillet, chicken cordon bleu, chicken teriyaki, chicken curry)

; beef (bistek tagalog, beef broccoli, beef kare-kare); and pasta (baked spaghetti, baked macaroni, beef lasagna, pork lasagna, chicken lasagna, pancit canton guisado special or regular, bihon guisado special or regular, sotanghon guisado).

There are four options for set packages good for 40 persons and nine choices for packages good for 12 persons.

And there are eight options for packed meals for a minimum of 30 persons. For bookings, please call 09757242258 or send a Messenger chat to Cecille Narciso Abeño. Book now!


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