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Jekkay Litson

Burak ang lechon sa Jekkay Litson

WHEN it comes to the crispiest lechon in town, try Jekkay Litson!

Jekkay Litson is located in Malanang, Opol but its clients have reached as far as Manila due to its uniquely yummy taste.

So what’s the secret of the consistent wave of customers?

The owner – who happens to be a second generation lechonero and slaughterhouse veteran – said there are three secrets in a delicious and crispy lechon: the quality of the meat, the marinade and spices put inside and the charcoal used in roasting.

Jekkay Litson only uses pure uling in roasting their lechon.

And they have an exclusive trusted supplier where the pigs are fed well.

In fact during the peak Christmas season, Jekkay Litson can roast up to 100 heads a day and they are delivered nationwide.

Each lechon package comes with free paklay and haling-halang.

Available at Jekkay Litson are regular lechon and lechon de leche.

For orders, please call 09531884534 or 09658155520.

Burak na!


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