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IOM, KOICA caps off 3-yr socio-economic effort in Marawi

MARAWI CITY, Lanao del Sur (PIA)--After three years of pursuing various efforts aiming to aid in the recovery of the siege-stricken city here, the International Organization for Migration (IOM)-Philippines together with its partner, Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), concluded its project dubbed "Driving Marawi’s Rehabilitation through IDP Support, Community Development and Peaceful Transitional Action." As part of the culmination, a two-day exit conference was held June 19-20, 2023 to discuss the project accomplishment reports, listen to the testimonies of partners and beneficiaries, and challenges, lessons and best practices learned by the recipient communities. IOM-Philippines Chief of Mission Tristan Burnett recalled that it was three years ago when they launched their initiative which was inclined to assist the populace drastically impacted by the warfare here in 2017. She stated that since that moment and through their sturdy relationship with their partners, they have achieved many accomplishments reflecting their true collaboration and the meaningful participation of government and communities. With the success of their project, Burnett commended the efforts of their partners, saying that their team could not reach this far without the dedication of the stakeholders that allowed them to overcome their challenges. She encouraged their partners and beneficiaries to sustain the outcomes of their project to continue and fulfill their mission of easing the lives of needy residents. “I truly hope that with these achievements, we will continue to bring a positive impact to people’s lives and further, many more communities,” said Burnett. KOICA Program Manager Francis Afable also congratulated the IOM-Philippines and its partners for the successful implementation of its project. He underscored that the two-day closing conference would mark their collective effort to help in rebuilding the city here. Afable emphasized that their effort with the IOM-Philippines signified the power that lies in collaboration and sincere commitment. He highlighted that giving attention to the socio-economic aspect is vital as well to pave the way for the recovery of siege-impacted residents. “The project signifies the strength of our partnership and ownership by focusing not only on the physical infrastructures but also the socio, economic and psychosocial aspects of recovery. We have empowered communities to nurture self-reliance and leadership,” said Afable. The KOICA program manager additionally underlined that this has also been a testament to the dedication of the organization and its partners to achieve an uplifted life for the people. He maintained that through the hard work of their organization alongside the IOM-Philippines and its partners, their project yielded a lasting impact on their target communities. Following this, Afable assured that they will continue to stand side-by-side with the city government as it strives to attain betterment for its locality. (CRG/PIA-10/Lanao del Sur)

International Organization for Migration (IOM)-Philippines Chief of Mission Tristan Burnett hopes that their achievements during the past three years will cause more positivity in the lives of residents in Marawi City. (MJP/PIA-10/Lanao del Sur)


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