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Fil-Global Immigration Services opens branch in CDO

FIL-Global Immigration Services, a visa assistance firm accredited since 2014, has opened its fifth branch this time in Cagayan de Oro City to cater to everyone here who are interested to migrate to Canada, Australia and Spain as tertiary students. Fil-Global Immigration Services’ latest branch opened only on October 7 but they already have assisted the approval of student visas of eight lucky Kagay-anons who will migrate to Canada in 2024 as tertiary students.

In fact, Fil-Global Immigration Services brings with it more than 100 Canadian educational institutions as partners in the fields of health care, hospitality, management and engineering offering one-year undergraduate programs to those leading to a bachelor’s degree. Fil-Global Immigration Services is a world-class company that started in London and branched out in the Philippines offering immigration and university placement to Canada, New Zealand and Spain.

The company is composed of a talented team of professionals from different sectors of the industry who strengthen the company providing people from all walks of life a stepping stone to achieve their dreams to study, work and liver overseas. A student visa is the easiest and fastest pathway to permanent residency where grantees can work as long as 20 hours per week since classes are only limited to three days a week.

At some point in your stay, you can bring your spouse/common law partner and children. As part of its opening promo, the Fil-Global Immigration Services branch in Cagayan de Oro will give special discounts including a very reasonable rate of consultation fee that is good for one year already.

For inquiries, please drop by the office of Fil-Global Immigration Services anytime from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday to Saturday. They are located at 2L KMV Bldg., Pabayo-Hayes Sts., this city. Or call 09265980818. Make that life changing choice with Fil-Global Immigration Services.


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