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Experience comfort snacks with style here at Shek

IT’s “chic” spelled the way it is pronounced: “Shēk”!

And indeed the foods and drinks served at Shēk are exactly what they are: chic! Take for instance their panini which comes in four flavors – tuna and cheese melt, chicken double cheese, bacon and ham double cheese and peanut butter banana. Shēk also serves two silog meals complete with lumpia, two eggs, rice and pipino (one is tocino and longganisa-based while the second one is corned beef and tuna steak-based).

Their hot espresso line consists of café Americano, café latte, Spanish latte and vanilla latte. Shēk also serves cold espresso in the same flavors plus mocha hazelnut latte, white chocolate latte, cinnamon latte, café mocha, matcha espresso fusion, Seoul coffee, gangnam caramel, café suada and salted latte. Their non-coffee drinks are dark chocolate latte, strawberry milk and vanilla matcha latte.

Shēk’s milk tea comes in 13 flavors: bubble tea, winter melon, Okinawa, chocolate, creamy winter melon, Okinawa crumble, Kyoto crumble, dark lava choco, winter melon deluxe, bubble tea deluxe, cookie matcha, choco Java chips and monte salted caramel.

Shēk is located at the corner of Tiano and del Pilar streets, this city. They are open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. from Mondays to Saturdays. Deliveries are accepted via Maxim. Dine in style here at Shēk!

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