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Derio and Dolly's Pinoy Delicacies

By Mona Lagbas

Want to taste a new kind of kakanin? Try Derio and Dolly Pinoy Delicacies. Derio and Dolly’s Delicacies offers mouthwatering Pichi-Pichi, Sapin-Sapin, Biko, Binbingka Malagkit, Puto Espesyal and Kutchinta in Signature Kakanin Wraps. Kakanin Wrap Boxes are available in Festive Box with 60pcs at Php950, Family Box with 36pcs at Php550, Sampler Box with 24pcs at Php450. Enjoy a new taste of kakanin with Derio and Dolly's Pinoy Delicacies.

Derio and Dolly's Pinoy Delicacies is located at Gran Europa, Uptown, Cagayan de Oro. You can order via Maxim Delivery or you may contact Derio and Dolly's Pinoy Delicacies at mobile number 0956 685 7398.

So for kakanin lovers try Derio and Dolly's Pinoy Delicacies, the kakanin that will surely melt your hearts.


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