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Crazy Macchiato

Everybody's going bonkers over choices when it comes to coffee in the city.

No need to worry, just go to Crazy Macchiatto you'll go wild as they offer your favorite coffee for only 38 pesos!

Yes, for only 38 pesos, you can enjoy Crazy Latte and Crazy Americano at Crazy Macchiatto! Try also Crazy Macchiatto's very affordable milk tea, sparkling and Yakult-based drinks.

Crazy Macchiatto also serves snacks like carbonara, fries and ramen all day long.

Crazy Macchiatto opens daily from 8:30 am till 10:30 pm and is located between Gaisano Carmen and Madonna hospital along Seriña Street in Barangay Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City.

So embrace the madness over budget-friendly coffee and drinks, go crazy, go Crazy Macchiatto!


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