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Carloise – serving the best halo-halo in Jasaan since 1987

CARLOISE Ristorante and Carloise Seafood and Grill are the trusted names in Jasaan through the years when it comes to halo-halo.

Not only that, their halo-halo comes with suman, the recipe of which is handed down now to the current owner, the third generation. Carloise Ristorante and Carloise Seafood and Grill’s halo-halo also comes in halo special, ice cream halo and cream shake. Another specialty of the restaurant is their pizza which comes in four flavors: Hawaiian, spicy beef, pepperoni and garlic chicken.

They’ve got burgers too in beef, cheese and mushroom & cheese. They serve tempura, fries and crackers on the side. But wait, they also serve main courses too such as seafood (sweet and sour fish, tinolang isda, calamares, garlic shrips, spicy squid, kinilaw); beef (beef with mushroom, beef caldereta, beef steak bulalo); and noodles (lomi, canton, sotanghon). Carloise Ristorante is located at Bonifacio St. while Carloise Seafood and Grill can be found at Sambulawan, Solana, both in Jasaan, Misamis Oriental.

The two branches are open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Carloise Ristorante and Carloise Seafood and Grill now accepts catering within this part of Misamis Oriental.. For orders, please call 09269668746 or 092617779517/


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