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Bella Bagels, your craftly styled sandwiches in CDO

TWO very talented sisters (one is the chef, the other runs the business!) came up with the idea to bring to the Kagay-anon palate what they deserve most - a craftly styled bagel sandwich.

And so Bella Bagels was born complete with all the imported and premium ingredients!

The sandwiches offered at Bella Bagels consists only of one variant but it is packed full of flavors inside out.

The bagel itself is topped with sesame seeds and spiced tomato jam. The flip side is packed with herbed cream cheese mixed with chives. Then the yummy contents in the middle: farmers ham, scrambled egg and cheddar cheese.

Bella Bagels is available till December 10 along H&M strip at the ground level of Ayala Centrio, Cagayan de Oro City during mall hours. Happy eating!


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