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Beautiful beach to dip only at Alu Bay

WHEN it comes to beaches in Misamis Oriental, you don’t hear much about Alubijid. But when you actually stroll along its coastline, it has one of the ideal shorelines to dive in and frolic at.

One of the resorts that has utilized the promising beach of Alubijid is the aptly-named Alu Bay. Playing with the name of its hometown and Macajalar Bay, Alu Bay is exclusively open for bookings only as your group can book the whole venue for functions for a reasonable amount.

Alu Bay has a spacious hall that is ideal for birthdays and debuts and guests can already avail of an airconditioned room for free (dependent on whether your stay is daytime or overnight).

Alu Bay also two cottages available if you are budget-tight. Even though Alu Bay is far away from Alubijid proper, WiFi signal is strong here so you can contact your loved ones anytime during your stay. For booking, please call 09265915522. Alu Bay, your tiny and eco-friendly resort!


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