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COWD Director Gerry Caño answers queries during a press conference Wednesday. Beside Dir. Caño is COWD General Manager Antonio Young.

COWD Board Member Bewails Fake, Irresponsible Reports

By Rene Malferrari

Cagayan de Oro City, May 8,2024_In a press conference at a local hotel Wednesday, Cagayan de Oro Water District Director Gerry Caño bewailed what he called as baseless some reports casting the COWD Board of Directors in a negative light.

Director Caño, a criminologist by profession, said that some reporters, through social media platforms, and even even some national networks, reported a one-sided presentation on the issues at hand. He added that accusations were made even without getting the side of COWD's BOD and management. In his parting message, Dr. Caño hoped that through Wednesday's forum, records be set straight.

"There is a chance for a resolution to this if only both parties concerned are willing", said Engineer Antonio Young, General Manager of COWD.

Engr. Young was referring to the issues between COWD and The Cagayan de Oro Bulkwater Inc. or COBI and assured that they are willing and open to negotiations.

Wednesday's press gathering was called by COWD's Board of Directors, represented by Dr. Gerry Caño, and COWD GM Tony Young, to, in Cano's words, 'contradict accusations that their BOD and management never lifted a finger' amidst COBI's threat to cut off bulk water supply if COWD refuses to pay collectibles amounting to close to half a billion pesos.


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