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8IB Bags the Highest Army Governance Pathway (AGP) Institutionalized Status with Gold -Trailblazer A

The 8th Infantry “Dependable” Battalion, Philippine Army, endeavored to transform the unit into a more reliable, efficient, reliant, and responsive unit that is a source of national pride. On 22 June 2023, at Headquarters, 4th Infantry (Diamond) Division, Philippine Army, the unit was conferred with the last AGP status, the Institutionalized Stage, as a deliberate result of its continuous quest to attain the remarkable transformation.

AGP is designed to help organizations execute their transformation initiatives that will yield breakthrough results. It has four stages: Initiated, Compliant, Proficient, and Institutionalized. It enables the Army’s vision of becoming “Army 2040: World Class, Multi-Mission Ready, Cross-Domain Capable” that is projected in the Army Transformation Roadmap.

After being conferred with an institutionalized status, the unit gained a 96.42% rating. The 8th Infantry (Dependable) Battalion received the Gold Trailblazer Award, the highest Unit Award, in recognition of its exemplary progress in governance and strategy management in line with the Army Transformation Roadmap (ATR), an army transformation strategy and program that promotes a culture of performance-based good governance, and for its demonstrated commitment to pursuing genuine transformation and reform as manifested by its.

This was the result of the unit’s contribution efforts of ensuring the monthly programs, quarterly strategies, performance, and assessments were deliberately executed in order to attain its mission, the overall Battalion’s remarkable accomplishments, and the unit’s collaboration with Key Stakeholders. Proudly, the unit achieved the Institutionalized Stage.

It can be recalled that the 8th Infantry (Dependable) Battalion received the Gold-Trail Blazer Award after the successful AGP Proficient Stage Revalida last 27 May 2021 with a final rating of 96.88%, the highest among the units evaluated.

“This highest award is the indicator of our sincere commitment to pursuing a genuine transformation towards the Army vision of becoming a world-class, multi-mission ready, and cross-domain capable Army by 2040. Our efforts must be directed to sustain our gains and let us continue to be steadfast in our quest for genuine reforms.” Lieutenant Colonel Anthony A Bacus, said.


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