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J’s Moto & Car Accessories

J’s Moto & Car Accessories now open in Bulua

FOR those living in the western part of the city, a shop that sells tires and other accessories for your motorcycles and cars has just opened.

J’s Moto & Car Accessories is located at the ground level of 68 Realty Corporation building near LTFRB in front of Asia Brewery along Patag highway just a stone’s throw away from Apovel.

J’s Moto & Car Accessories sells tires, batteries and lubricants plus they also offer tire balance and tire change.

Their car tire brands are Westlake, Tourador, Greentrac, Keter and Neoterra.

Also available are the following motorcycle tire brands: Pirelli, Westlake, Maxxis and Dunlop.

Batteries available are Century, Motolite Energro and for engine oil, they’re locked with the reputable Shell Volga.

J’s Moto & Car Accessories is open from 8:00 a.m. to5:000 p.m. Mondays to Saturdays but they also offer free delivery within Cagayan de Oro. Please call 09560039647.


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