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Cup O’ Beans

Cup O’ Beans Coffee – your first resto café in Balulang

FINALLY, the 40,000 residents in Balulang won’t need to go midtown, downtown, uptown or anywhere to enjoy their favorite variant of coffee.

Cup O’ Beans Coffee is here to serve you the following: iced or hot espresso (Americano, cappuccino, café latte, |Spanish latte, caramel macchiato) and non-coffee (matcha, strawberry latte, Thai iced tea, fruit shake, Coke Sakto).

This is indeed original coffee at its best because the products of Cup O’ Beans Coffee come from their own coffee farm in Misamis Oriental.

Strategically located right a stone’s throw away from the Villa Angela gate at the signage entrance of Balulang itself, Cup O’ Beans Coffee is now open from 9:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. daily.

It’s so easy to get to the place but if you aren’t quite familiar with Balulang, Cup O’ Beans Coffee is already pinned in both Waze and Google Maps.

Cup O’ Beans Coffee is so spacious too that 30 persons in their airconditioned dining area and 20 more in the al fresco one.

By the way, Cup O’ Beans Coffee also accepts packages for exclusive functions such as birthdays and other events. Just call 09561688058.

The food they are serving are the following: breakfast (corned beef, chicken tocino, fried bangus); toppings (chicken curry, humba, sisig, pork bola-bola); and sandwiches (club house, tuna sandwich).

Tara kape here at Cup O’ Beans Coffee!


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