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Tsaya - statement shirts for a cause

STATEMENT shirts are something you wear that is new or unusual and is meant to draw attention to oneself. They are becoming a rising trend within the apparel industry as more people are expressing their opinion through clothing. It is a worldwide phenomenon and Cagayan de Oro is catching up to that trend but with a twist. One statement shirt company based here is making those shirts but for a cause. Tsaya was the brainchild of siblings Jewel and Lyle but their concept goes beyond fashion.

Their intention was noble - sales of the shirts would fund the medical expenses of their dad who was diagnosed with cancer lately. Shirts in Tsaya are available only in black and white and the catchy Bisaya words are etched in black which make it more noticeable to the wearer and those around them. The words themselves are not just random nonsense, they exude inspiration. These are just some of the examples: "kapoy pero kaya" "kaya kaayo!" "pagtigom na" "ayaw undang" "hinay hinay lang" kaya lagi" "laag ta" okay lang" "pag move on na" "laban lang" "padayon lang" "mangape ta" "adopt don't shop", among others.

Jewel is a nurse and Lyle is an architect yet somehow they managed to let their creativity flow while working on these black and white designs. Next would be the products. Aside from the shirts, these statements are also etched in crop tops, totes and purses. Stickers are available too which can easily be pasted to your phone cases. Tsaya is available online via Facebook and Instagram. Padayon lang Jewel and Lyle!


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