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Start your swimming journey early

START your kids' swimming journey young with Let's Swim CDO. A passion of swimming champion Marvi Love Baculio, Let's Swim CDO's goal is to enhance one's survival skill through swimming. With our country being an archipelago and being prone to sudden disasters like flash floods, it is just essential for us to learn how to swim.

Let's Swim CDO offers classes either in groups or one to one. There are separate classes for toddlers, children five years old and above and for adults, too. You can also have a choice of short term classes which will only last 12 sessions or long term classes at 20 sessions long which will already include advanced swimming.

The 15 coaches at Let's Swim CDO - including Marvi Love - are all qualified and competent swimming athletes in their own right here in Northern Mindanao who have stellar achievements in the past such as PRISAA nationals or Milo Little Olympics. Classes are held in upscale swimming pools here such as Country Village, Amaya, Hillsborough, Westwood and inside Philam Subdivision. For more details, just call 09491114359. That's 09491114359 only at Let's Swim CDO.


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