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Pueblo Golf Estates to go “dark” by October 25

Pueblo Golf Estates to go “dark” by October 25 By Rene Velez Malferrari Cagayan de Oro City-Oct. 14, 2022-The board of directors of Pueblo Golf Estates Homeowners Association, Incorporated or PGEHAI in uptown Cagayan de Oro, has informed all its homeowners of a looming “darkening” of streetlights within the subdivision by October 25 this year. In Memorandum Number 11-2022-B, a copy of which was emailed to the Mindanao Reporter, the PGEAHI said that Cepalco or the Cagayan Electric Power and Light Company will disconnect electric power service to the streetlights of the said subdivision unless unpaid bills from May to September this year will be resolved. The memorandum also stated that unless Pueblo de Oro Development Corporation, the developer of Pueblo Golf Estates, makes what the PGEHAI describes as an “arrangement” with Cepalco, all their streetlights will go “dark” by Tuesday, October 25. The PGEHAI board further alleged that PODC is legally responsible for the payment of electric bills for the streetlights after Cepalco confirmed last October 7,2022 that PODC has a contract with Cepalco for the provision of electric power to the subdivision’s streetlights. After representations with the City Council for assistance, the PGEHAI Board was able to get a reprieve from Cepalco for a postponement of disconnection for an additional 15 days from October 10,2022. Citing Section 9 of Presidential Decree 1216, amending Section 31 of P.D. 957, the PGEHAI board said that “the developer shall be deemed relieved of the responsibility of maintaining the road lots and open space of the subdivision only upon securing the Certificate of Completion or COC and has executed a deed of donation of road lots and open space.”

The PGEHAI board maintains that PODC has not yet executed any deed of donation of road lots and open space to the City of Cagayan de Oro after the Pueblo Golf Estates was issued a certificate of completion in February of 2015. The PGEHAI Board has quoted Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUDD) 10 director Ariel Abragan as saying that “considering that PODC did not donate the subdivision roads, alleys, sidewalks and playgrounds to the Local Government Unit, PDOC is still the registered owner of the said facilities and is therefore responsible to manage, maintain and regulate them, subject to the filing of the appropriate Maintenance Bond.” The PGEHAI board also quoted the city engineer’s office as saying in a communication letter last September 30,2022 “confirming that PDOC did not yet turn over the Pueblo Golf Estates to the local government, and therefore the C.E.O. could not accommodate our request to replace the busted streetlights.” The past due bills, according to PGEHAI’s board, amounting to PhP503,726.83, is for electric power for their streetlights starting from May to September this year. Prior to May 2022, PGEHAI says that they paid Cepalco PhP1,973, 950.24 and that they are expecting PODC to reimburse them for the payments advanced by the association. The PGEHAI board also contends that PODC might be allegedly complacent and allegedly believe that the PGEHAI will not allow the Pueblo Golf Estates to go “dark” because of the repercussions, complaint and criticisms that the Board would receive from the residents. The Board is asking for the support of each homeowner and for the seven other homeowners’ associations to be with them as they make a stand for PGE. The PGEHAI board is also asking each household to light the roads by providing solar lights, emergency lights, spotlights and bulbs by utilizing extension cords during these “dark times”, allow extensive media coverage of ‘Pueblo Golf Estates Goes Dark’ and communicate and share with netizens through social media platforms and mainstream media to highlight the association’s plight with PODC. However, the PGEHAI board believes that PODC would not tarnish its corporate image as the “most trusted developer…that reflects its core values of integrity, excellence, service and commitment.” The Board further believes that the PODC local office “will do everything possible to maintain that corporate image and will do the right and responsible thing of paying the past due bills as well as reimburse PGEHAI for the electric bills it has paid so far”. The Board’s cry is that PGEHAI has made its stand and is letting its united voice heard. As of presstime, PODC has yet to issue a reply.

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