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One-stop shop of personal needs at Zea Picks

ZEA Picks may be the cutest boutique in town but it packs with the trendiest brands. Located at exactly the corner of Hayes and Pabayo streets this city, Zea Picks boasts of the following brands of mostly women's clothing but apparently some for boys too:

Zara, Essentials, Birkenstock, Shein, H&M, Bershka and more. They do not just sell mall pullouts, they are also a haven for budding businesses here. Bhad Club sells lip gloss and lip tints. Totes 'n Things sells disposable vape, stickers, cellphone cases and sunglasses. Scrunchie Station sells scrunchies.

The Queen's sells crab paste. The Perfume Room sells hydroflasks and phone accessories. Ush's Corner sells underarm whitening. Constantine sells sandals.

Of course, the flagship shop Zea Picks is selling sleeveless, dress, basic tops and casual wear from Zara, Bershka pants, Essential shirts, H&M shorts and assorted clothing from Shein. And while we're at it, Zea Picks is announcing that they're still accepting sub-tenants too. Zea Picks is open from 10 a.m. till 10 p.m. daily including Sundays.

They're available on Instagram too just key in Zea Picks and hit on any item you want to order. Satisfy your personal needs at Zea Picks!


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