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MLE Milk Tea and Cafe at Bintana Uptown

MLE Milk Tea and Cafe at Bintana Uptown By Mona Lagbas Craving for delicious, luscious and really authentic milk tea and delectable dishes?

MLE Café will surely satisfy your discriminating taste with exquisite and really tasty milk tea and fantastic meals which are very affordable. MLE Cafe,

named after the first letters of the owner’s sons which are Marcus, Lucas and Elias, offers milk teas in taro, winter, dark chocolate, Okinawa, red velvet, cookies and cream, Java cheese and macha flavors.

Brewed coffee is available anytime at MLE Café, with two locations in Cagayan de Oro, one in Divisoria and the latest at the reopened Ang Bintana food stalls at Uptown CdO, at the back of SM City and fronting St. Francis Church.

Fantastic meals at MLE Café include burgers, siomai, shawarma, picadilla, ramen, nachos and they also serve yogurt, fruit shakes and iced coffee.

These delights are also available at Janeys food stall nearby. MLE Café is your one stop paradise for delightful milk teas and delectable meals.


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