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Get your daily dose of Seoul food from San's Korean Mart

SAN's Korean Mart is the place to go to when you need authentic Korean food supplies for your individual or business needs. They have various samyang flavors to choose from in huge or individual packs as well as various flavors of soju.

They also have honey citron tea, honey ginger tea, Maxim coffee in the following flavors: white gold, mocha gold mild, Arabica and original. They also have seasoned seaweed, Daesang olive oil, honey butter almond, Lotte choco pie, Lotte bottled juice drinks, samyang paste, cultured milk drinks, Welch's grape soda, red pepper powder for kimchi, Korean soy sauce, Binggrae frozen dessert bars, Pepero ice bar, customized tumblers featuring your fave Kpop stars and loads more.

And oh did I forget to mention that San's Korean Mart is a cafe too?

They are located at the second level of Eastport Square right in front of Gaisano Puerto so while you're there, enjoy any of the following dishes: kimbap, tteokbokki, rabokki, steamed fish cake, tteokkochi, Korean pancake with filling, jin ramen, cheese ramen, beef bulgogi, shin ramen, samyang ramen, yangnyeom chicken, rice bowls, fries and beef nachos. Gulp that down with your usual flavors of Korean iced tea or milk tea. San's Korean Mart is in Food Panda as well so for a taste of Korean delight, hit that app button now!


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