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By Mona Lagbas

Are you looking for an affordable fashion hub in town? You've come to the right place! DCOOTD is the best place for the fashionista you to find affordable and trending clothing. DCOOTD is stocked with all the trending outfits that will make you look amazing on your next special night hangout. DCOOTD has an ever-evolving inventory of trendy pieces at very affordable prices and you really can't go wrong when you shop at DCOOTD! So, for stylish clothes on a budget, you need to check out DCOOTD today and choose from a huge selection of items at affordable prices! DCOOTD's friendly staff are happy to help you find the perfect item for your wardrobe. Stop by today, there's always something new at DCOOTD Shop, opens at 9am-8pm Monday-Sunday Located at Agfa highway beside Palawan pawnshop in front of UCCP church along highway of Marcos bridge, for budget-friendly fashion that you and everyone will love, there's only DCOOTD! Your one stop clothing shop!


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