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COMELEC-10 assures credibility of election results

Commission on Elections (Comelec) 10 Regional Director Lawyer Francisco Pobe said the credibility of the National and Local Election results would not be affected even if some problems were experienced.

This, after some paper jam issues on vote-counting machines, were experienced during the election polls. Pobe emphasized that is not a problem because it is manageable and negligible. He emphasized that the poll workers are well-trained and are aware of the contingency plans when there are issues.

“The Commission on Elections [is] always in their mission and vision to make sure that elections shall not only be successful, shall not only be transparent, shall not only be order and meaningful but most of all, it shall be acceptable to the public, that whoever the winner shall be considered to be the true winner and whoever the loser really failed to come up with the winning number,” he said.

Pobe explained that minutes were written to record issues or problems that were encountered during the elections. This is also signed by the members of the board and the poll watchers including the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting that will stand as witnesses to inform everyone that transparency is always considered.

In Lanipao Central School in Lala town in Lanao del Norte, voters experienced a paper jam issue but it was immediately addressed. Roldan Mutia, Department of Education Supervisor Official supervisor, said that the poll workers assigned are well-trained by the Comelec and are aware of the contingency plans. He also assured that the ballots are secured and safe.

Furthermore, according to Pobe, there was a sufficient number of personnel from the Armed Forces of the Philippines and Philippine National Police to ensure that peace and order in the province is preserved.


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