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Chingkai's Cake & Pastries

For delectable home-baked cakes, kakanin, fresh from the oven bread and delicious desserts in cdo, there's only Chingkai's Cakes and Pastries!

Chingkai's Cakes and Pastries offers puto cheese, kuchinta by the dozen or in 25pc packs, binangkal, kakanin in bilaos, freshly baked torta, leche flan, custard cakes, choco chips in jars, fudge brownies, fruit cakes, suman, birthday cakes, maruya, bikong malagkit, banana cue, maja crema, cassava cake, macaroons, ensaymada and their bestselling chicken sotanghon guisado!

Order now 3 to 5 days before your event and message them at Chingkai's Cakes and Pastries Facebook page. They are located at Golden Glow village Pueblo De Oro. So, for mouthwatering cakes, breads and desserts, there can only be one and that's Chingkai's Cakes and Pastries!

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