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A Renewed Commitment to Renewable Energy in Mindanao

2 Aug 2022 The return of Renewable Energy (RE) in the psyche of Philippine society has not gone unnoticed. In the recent State of the Nation Address (SONA), the first for newly sworn President Bongbong Marcos Jr., the importance of renewable energy in the new administration’s plans was a big highlight. “It is at the top of our climate agenda. We will increase our use of renewable energy sources such as hydropower, geothermal power, solar, and wind,“ said the President. “Solar power has steadily increased its efficiency in converting sunlight to electrical power, which is particularly attractive for the Philippines. Because unlike wind power, solar power is practical almost everywhere in the Philippines all year round.” Greenergy, a long-time proponent of RE in Mindanao and beyond, applauds the new re-focus on renewables. Just days before the SONA, Greenergy celebrated 14 years of advocating and developing renewable energy projects in the country and passed close to 3-megawatt mark in its solar photovoltaic operations under Greenergy Solar, the first commercial solar service provider fully owned and managed by Mindanaons for Mindanao.

“We are renewing our commitment to Renewable Energy in tandem with the new administration and we intend to make bigger and bolder projects in clean energy electrification to bring inclusive sustainable development in the Southern Philippines,” said Greenergy President and CEO, Engr. Cereal Donggay. “We will work on sectors like transport and agriculture on top of the electrification we are already doing until we ultimately remove the Filipino’s dependence on imported fossil fuels and thus help solve not only the fuel crisis but also, the climate crisis.” Greenergy which has long worked with various stakeholders including distribution utilities for RE projects, has expanded its scope and recently launched the first electric vehicle charging station in Northern Mindanao, in partnership with the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines (USTP) under its Greenergy Mobility brand. It also has the Greenergy Agritech business unit which is hard at work promoting clean energy agricultural solutions to small and large farmers alike, in partnership with local governments in Mindanao. As to solar photovoltaics, an increasing number of Mindanoan electricity customers are truly understanding and embracing its benefits.

“We are incredibly grateful for the trust that Mindanao homes and businesses have given us for their solar electricity production needs,” said Greenergy Chief of Operations, Andrew Donggay. “We keep working on ways to make solar available to a bigger chunk of the population and our recent offering of zero down payment is part of that.” Elsewhere in the Southern Philippines, the new Mindanao Renewable Energy Advocacy and Coordination Hub (MinREACH) was launched in June as a platform for multi-stakeholder, grassroots-based strategies of promoting renewable energy in rural communities and advocates measures that would promote RE to revise fossil-dependence In Mindanao. The new ‘Mindanao Goes Solar’ movement and campaign has also been launched this year to Engr. Cereal Donggay, who was present at the MinREACH launch, was also one of the candidates considered for the ministerial post of Secretary to the Department of Energy (DOE) for the current administration. Engr. Donggay commits Greenergy to “fully support the RE work of the DOE, MinREACH and the Mindanao Goes Solar movement.” He adds, “We will partner with all stakeholders who can help us achieve our goal of building the Clean Energy Future of Mindanao and the Philippines.”


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