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Spices, dips and more from The Norden Shop

TO all small-scale restaurateurs out there, there's already a one-stop shop here in Cagayan de Oro that caters to your ingredients needs. The Norden Shop along Tomas Saco sells all sorts of ingredients from dressings, sauces and flakes to get your small business going.

The price range at The Norden Shop is definitely cheaper because they source out their products direct from the manufacturer. Examples of their products are mayonnaise, roasted sesame, nori, meat floss, Japanese rice, soup stocks, mirin, Japanese seasoning, five spice, green curry paste, nam powder, takoyaki ingredients and locally made products such as

bagoong alamang and chili garlic sauce. Products from The Norden Shop can be ordered via Shoppee but if you are within Region 10, feel free to visit their shop along Tomas Saco St., this city. Spices, dips, sauces and more only from The Norden Shop


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