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Love knows no boundaries, we have witness its beautiful embrace as multiple hearts unite in a celebration of everlasting love. May your love story inspire others to believe in the power of unity, for in love's embrace, we find strength, joy, and a lifetime of shared dreams.

Congratulations, to 11 newlywed couples on this joyous day of love and togetherness.

As they partake in the holy sacrament of marriage on February 10, 2024, a day full of love, happiness, and delicate moments that will never be forgotten.

And it really was a celebration of love, harmony, and a sense of community as our Honorable Mayor Engr. Dann Isaiah D Lusterio in addition, gave each couple a piece of wedding cake, 1 sack of Rice and a lechon personally funded as a token of his love and kindness on this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Along with a lovely heart and a caring spirit, the always helpful and stunning Ms. Engr. Jen Durotan also offered her love to them

as the couples set off on their new voyage.

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