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Mix and match drinks at Mr. Quencher

QUELL your thirst away with any of the drinks offered by Mr. Quencher. The beautiful news is that you can mix and match any drinks at Mr. Quencher so you don't get that monotonous taste of hyped juices anywhere. For instance, you can mix as many as two fruits in one cup and just add P30 over the original size's price.

Let's say your original order was a large cup of banana smoothie. Just tell the hospitable staff at the counter to mix your drink with mango and melona and they will gladly mix it for you. In their original flavors, smoothies are available in mango, banana, mangonana, avocado, watermelon and melona in three sizes - small, medium and large.

Then Mr. Quencher's got the juices but with again, with a twist. First, choose your base fruit. Let's say the base fruit that you've chosen is pineapple. They will give you the option to choose one more flavor as a twist. Let's say orange for instance. Or watermelon. Or mango. You can choose up to a total of four fruits in one cup! And you have the option too to use honey as your sweetener. Just add P15 to the total amount.

Aside from pineapple, you can coose lemon as your base fruit. But if cultured drinks are your thing, you can also add Yakult in your original order as well. Mr. Quencher has now four branches all over Cagayan de Oro - Uptown Strip, SM Northwing, Masters Venue and SM CDO Downtown Premier. Mr. Quencher - serving you fresh fruit juices and smoothies since 2018!


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