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Kurimi Milk Tea

Cagayan de Oro's milk tea lovers are in for a different treat. Imagine entering a milk tea shop that features comics, cartoon artwork and anime characters inside their shops that set the mood for a unique and fun-filled experience.Kurimi milk tea is finally here in CDO! Kurimi milk tea bar, which has over 60 branches nationwide, features on-site concoctions of milk teas to ensure freshness in every cup. Kurimi, which started in 2019, re-emerges after the pandemic with its signature Kurimi milk tea with pearls, cappuccino series, fruity, brown sugar series, creamcheese and cheesecake series topped with special flavored drinks, hot or cold. Richie Cuna, President and CEO of Kurimi milk tea bar, assures patrons that the long-awaited opening of Kurimi milk tea bar in CDO is worth it and that every branch has its own distinct artwork. Kurimi milk tea, which originated from Fukuaka Japan,

started with three shops in Metro Manila and has branches in Los Angeles, USA

France and other countries. Kurimi milk tea bar is open for franchising and will deliver soon.Kurimi milk tea bar in cdo is at the corner of Tomas Saco and 8th streets in Nazareth. Enjoy childhood anime and comic characters as you sip your favorite milk tea at Kurimi milk tea bar CDO.


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