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Homegrown specialty only at TOPPS Pizza

WHEN it comes to food, we Kagay-anons want only the best for our palate. So we usually ditch our fastfood impulses and crave for more delicious specialties.

There's one outlet that actually offer just that. TOPPS Pizza has the best homegrown specialties in town in the form of pizza, lasagna and chicken. And because they are patronized by people again and again, TOPPS Pizza now numbers five branches where you can visit and dine in - Pueblo, Kauswagan, Montierra, Talakag and Initao.

For your gourmet desires, TOPPS Pizza has the following offerings: 11" pizza (four cheese, creamy spinach, overload, TOPPS signature spicy beef, Hawaiian, beef pepperoni, classico, garlic shrimp, garden); lasagna (double, half tray, fam tray, fam tray overload); and wings (original flavored wings, spicy Korean wings, creamy parmesan wings).

Or if you want to enjoy your pizza and chicken wings at home, just call the following numbers: 09177171709 (Pueblo and Kauswagan), 09751043142 (Montierra), 09177712675 (Talakag) and 09668671595 (Initao). Some of the reviews are the following: "One of the best pizzas in the city! If you're a cheese lover too, this is definitely a bomb!" "The creamy spinach pizza is to dife for. It was fire!" "Delicious pizza, wala gatipid sa ingredients."


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