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Get a taste of Negros-style grilled meat only at Good Smoke Barbecue

AS the owners would gladly say it, the secret to any good barbecue is the sauce. Young professional Ira Keziah Radoc, decided to continue the legacy of her mom’s tasteful barbecue.

The catch: Ira’s mom is based in Silay City, Negros Occidental and the daughter would love to introduce her recipe to Kagay-anons. There goes the birth of Good Smoke Barbecue. Ira was able to gather five of her closest chums – Clarisse Gyle Tonido, April Mae Salarda, Ma. Virginia Vicente, Mary Andrea Cyle Tonido and Irish Jane Dacoco – and opportunity knocked. There was an open vacant space along JR Borja street in between Burgos and Capistrano streets, just a stone’s throw away from JR Borja bridge and joggers haven Rio de Oro Boulevard. Good Smoke Barbecue was born.

Today, Good Smoke Barbecue is being patronized not just by fitness buffs from their jog run but also even by senior high and college students nearby because of its highly reasonable prices yet yummy taste.

Available on the menu are grill (isaw, pork barbecue, atay, batikulon, hotdog, chorizo, longganisa, chicken insasal paa/pecho, pork liempo); tuna (grilled belly/panga, tinola, sisig); fried (Kropek, chicken skin, fried isaw); sizzling (pork sisig with Java rice); and Korean (mild/spicy ramen with kimchi or nori).

Drinks available are Tanduay, Captain Morgan, Fundador, Mojito, GSM, The Bar, Red Horse, San Miguel Grande, San Miguel Pilsen in bottle and bucket, San Miguel Flavored in bottle and bucket, Smirnoff in bottle and bucket, softdrinks, juice and mineral water. Good Smoke Barbecue is open from Mondays through Thursdays at 5:00 till 10:00 p.m. and extended to 11 p.m. during weekends i.e. Fridays and Saturdays. Grilled meat at its best na walang kaparehas only at Good Smoke Barbecue!

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