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Authentic Taiwanese milk tea Chambee now in CDO

Authentic Taiwanese milk tea Chambee now in CDO

FUN. Sweet. Authentic Taiwanese milk tea. That's how satisfied patrons of Chambee Premium Milk Tea would describe after tasting the various flavors of this brand of milk tea specially made with imported ingredients to provide you with a refreshingly premium milk tea experience.

Chambee is available in banana, wintermelon, lychee, Oreo, strawberry, cookies & cream, taro, dark chocolate, blueberry, Milo dino, uji matcha, red velvet, hazelnut, Hokkaido and Okinawa flavors and in the following variants: flavored premium, signature cream cheese, rock salt and cheesecake, frappe and cream-based, brown sugar, smoothie coffee-based and special flavors.

At their shop along Villa Vicente St. in Kauswagan near Puntod bridge this city, they also have fruity/yakult flavors such as kiwi, peach, green apple, blueberry, lychee, strawberry, passion fruit, mango, tropical fruity, lemon tropical fruity and four seasons tropical fruity.

The creamcheese and cheesecake series are the best signatures of Chambee.

Chambee Premium Milk Tea tastes so good that it already has 32 branches nationwide, the newest one being here in CDO. Here in Chambee CDO, you can order from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. any day and you can pick up the products or have it delivered via Maxim.

Chambee is known for simplicity yet premium taste, when people think of a premium milktea chambee is the always the top choice. Whatever you like, there's always a cup for you - Chambee


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