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Zofia's Diner

Since it opened last March, Zofia's Diner is now a crowd favorite, with its famous milk tea and fabulous buy one, take one free burgers! Zofia's Diner, located at Rabanes St., Carmen, CDO, offers classic, cheese, chicken, beef and shawarma style burgers! Zofia's Diner's milk tea come in large and medium sizes and in creamy melon, creamy taro, black forest, taro cheesecake, strawberry cheesecake and classic blast. Zofia's Diner laso features regular classic milk tea like cheesecake, cookies and cream, wintermelon,taro, chocolate and okinawa , of which you can add extra pearls and upgrade to sugar-free or stevia sweeteners.

At Zofia's Diner, named after Jezebel Ty's daughter, you can enjoy noodles like seafood-flavored spicy shin ramyun and spicy laksa ramen with optional egg added. Budget-conscious guests can also avail of Zofia's combos like burger and milk tea, ramyun and milk tea and ramen and milk tea in large and medium orders.Avail also of Zofia's Diner's Christmas promo, wherein you can buy 2 classic milk teas for only 150 for large and 130 for medium order or get one large milk tea with a free burger, with 10% discount on other orders. For deliveries thru Maxim, call Zofia's Diner at 0917-160-3317. Dine cute, dine well at Zofia's Diner!

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