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Zero downpayment on solar rooftop installations helps ease burden of fuel price increase

GREENERGY Solar PH is offering zero down payment on solar rooftop installations for the whole month of July. This is in celebration of the 14th year anniversary of its parent company, Greenergy Development Corp., a long-time proponent of renewable energy in the Southern Philippines. “We’ve been blessed with 14 productive years of doing important renewable energy work in Mindanao, much of it in solar,” says Greenergy Chief of Operations, Andrew Donggay. “So, we are extending our gratitude of the public’s trust by offering easy payment terms on our installations so that more Mindanaons can avail of solar rooftop systems for their homes and offices.” Mindanao and the rest of the Southern Philippines has seen an uptake of interest in solar through both commercial and residential installations.

Greenergy Solar’s own operations has increased exponentially in the last half decade to over 4 megawatts of solar capacity installed as of today. From its homebase in Cagayan de Oro city where the country’s first solar power plant is located, Greenergy’s distributed solar installation amounts to 4 times the capacity of that utility-scale solar plant built for the Mindanao grid. Given the fuel price increases from geopolitical crises, electricity rates will become even more expensive for Filipinos. Solar has always been touted as the cheaper alternative for Pinoys paying at the highest—at almost P16 per kwh of electricity use in one distribution utility recently. Meanwhile, solar technology and equipment which is currently at its lowest price in history, can generate electricity at a cost of only about P3 per kwh when the solar rooftop system is owned by consumer.

“The zero down payment we offer is meant to help our fellow Filipinos afford the upfront costs involved in owning their own solar power plant,” Donggay adds. “The more we use electricity generated by clean energy from our abundance of sunlight, the more we help our communities become independent from dirty, imported and expensive fossil fuels. We also help push climate change work in the Philippines.” The promo runs until July 31, 2022.

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