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Wenzkytchen Catering Services

By Mona Lagbas For a hassle-free buffet, there’s nowhere else to go but at Wenzkytchen Catering Services! Wenzkytchen offers lunch and dinner buffets, trays to go, packed meals, bento meals, cocktail buffets, kananin buffets, dessert buffets, brunch buffets, pica-pica and snack buffets plus wedding and or birthday cakes! Wenzkytchen Catering Services also customizes their services to suit your special gatherings and events! So for intimate moments, corporate events, family gatherings and other special occasions, make it hassle-free, make it Wenzkytchen Catering Services, call or message us at 0945-711-0975 or 0917-660-8414. Wenzkytchen Catering Services!


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