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Two Kagay-anons stage successful Santacruzan charity ball in Texas

THE Santacruzan Charity Ball and Cultural Festival 2022 – touted the grandest and most prestigious event of the year in North Texas – was successfully held last, 5:30 pm, at the Plano Event Center in Plano City (located 16 miles northeast of Dallas). The main goal of this event is to unite and strengthen the community while introducing Philippine beauty, cultural diversity and heritage to North Texas, according to its chairperson, Ms Jil Lasaca, an entrepreneur, community leader and business coach. The event is Jil’s brainchild. In the Philippines, the Santacruzan is deemed the “queen of festivals” with its luxurious pageantry procession of beauties, and it is traditionally celebrated with elegance and glamour.

The centerpiece of this historic ball is the parade of some 30 beautiful and accomplished women, strutting their stunning array of Filipiniana gowns by world-class London-based fashion designer Jugger Onate. These beautiful women of substance will be introduced to the community as great leaders who use fashion and advocacy to promote the Philippines’ rich heritage and culture. Women's empowerment, cultural celebration, and charity are all part of the "Santacruzan Charity Ball 2022." The organizers hope to elevate the Santacruzan tradition as a platform for women empowerment, said Ms Araceli Balais, the Co-Chairwoman of this landmark event in North Texas. The event's organizers are bringing together some 30 of the community's most amazing women to celebrate culture, beauty, and a good cause by raising funds for Bantay Bata – a Philippine non-profit organization dedicated to helping abused children with housing, healthcare, and educational needs. Pleased and energized by the community's positive response and strong support, the organizers are proud to feature women from a cross-section of society in North Texas, and let them contribute their unique beauty, voice and activism to this historic event. This event is under the stage direction and choreography by Ms Kirby Rosales, featuring stunning Filipiniana works by designer Jugger Onate and the beautifully landscaped courtyard of the Plano Event Center (address: 2000 E. Springcreek Parkway, Plano TX 750754). Without a doubt, the "Santacruzan Charity Ball 2022" promises to be a magnificent and spectacular production paying homage to Philippine culture and heritage.

It immersed its guests in a variety of Philippine music and dance, culminating in a battle of the bands. There were also various vendors to add to the guests’ enjoyment and pleasure. Guests were able to meet and greet the ladies of the Santacruzan Charity Ball. Plus: they enjoyed the cultural and gastronomic festival from 10 am to 3 pm. Jil Lasaca, the project's chairperson and fountainhead, is ably supported by Co-Chairperson, Araceli Balais, the CEO of Joyful Life Saladmaster. The other personalities that make up the Executive Committee is Jugger Onate (designer, Jil&Jug Couture) and Kirby Rosales (creative director)


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