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Greenergy receives ISO certification

GREENERGY has been certified for the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015. As an organization, it was assessed and verified on a range of processes by an external body, the TUV Noord Group and it has successfully demonstrated its overall ability to consistently provide products and services to fulfil customer needs and satisfy regulatory requirements. Greenergy presented documents and records covering ISO 9001:2015 principles from Leadership to Process approach and Evidence-based decision making.

Greenergy officers similarly submitted themselves to formal inquiries on quality management standards (QMS) recognized in more than 160 countries. “We take great pride in the work we do and are pleased to have achieved a level of quality in the organization which meets internationally accepted quality management standards,” said Greenergy chief of operations, Andrew Donggay.

Above and beyond international validation, the Greenergy management team agreed that learning through the certification exercise was crucial in helping them better organize and make efficient all organizational processes moving forward. In Greenergy’s corporate policy statement agreed to by all members of management, a commitment was made to continuously improve to serve all our customer-partners. “We congratulate ourselves for this certification even as we acknowledge our own gratitude for the opportunity to serve and showcase our abilities as an organization,” said Greenergy CEO Engr. Cerael Donggay.

“We are also pleased about the certification’s alignment with several of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, a set of goals we adhere to as a corporation seeking to make green energy available in abundance to every Filipino community in order to help drive Sustainable Development in the country,” Donggay added.


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