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STEAG State Power Inc Five ZERO Goals

Five ZERO goals: a commitment to creating a safe, secure, and healthy work environment with no injuries and no accidents for all SPI workers and employees! Power Plant Manager Dr. Carsten Evers and REHSS Manager Neil Quijano led our SSHEE Committee Planning activity, which brought together representatives from the various departments to develop sound health, safety, and security plans. Dr. Evers stressed how important safety is in all parts of the company's work and said that safety is one of SPI's core values. We believe that taking proactive measures to ensure employee well-being is essential to fostering productivity and creating a work environment that prioritizes safety. We're proud to launch our Five ZERO goals and commit to this worthy cause! Join us in supporting this initiative! #FiveZeroGoals, #SafeWorkEnvironment, and #EmployeeWellBeing. Let's work together to achieve our goal of zero injuries and accidents in the workplace! Text and Photo by: STEAG State Power Inc


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