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Silk sleepwear and more only at Lovelle's Boutique

SHIELA Mae Adaya has been selling silk nighties and negligees online since September 2021through Lovelle's Boutique and thus has been known as the silk sleepwear queen. In this relatively new industry born in the late 2010s but boomed during the pandemic, Lovelle's Boutique is the online shop that women have patronized when it comes to silk sleepwear and more.

The strategy is simple yet effective: Lovelle's Boutique goes live every evening and female fans would wait for the latest in Sheila's collection and chat "mine" to be sold. Products are then shipped anywhere around the country exclusive of shipping fee of course. (For customers within Cagayan de Oro, products are delivered right into your doorstep.) Of course, you can always order anytime and inquire about the products for those which aren't "mine'd" or sold yet.

Lovelle's Boutique (the name actually comes from Shiela's daughter) also sells Shein swimsuits, jackets, shorts for men and women, square pants, dresses (trendy, Sunday dress, mini-dress, maxi), tattered jeans, skinny jeans and more. For more details, check out their Facebook page or call them at 09676885880.

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