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Satisfy your cravings here at Tat's Seafood Dampa

AT Tat's Seafood Dampa, they ensure that the fish and the scallops that you're gonna be eating are the freshest. And what's even better is that you as customer can literally see your food being cooked while you wait. That's because the kitchen at Tat's Seafood Dampa is transparent and can be seen directly all the way from the spacious dining area. Here's what makes it more wonderful: You have a choice to dine at Tat's Seafood Dampa the al fresco way and enjoy good acoustic music or at the comfort of their airconditioned hall where you can chat with your friends while enjoying the sumptuous meal.

Tat's Seafood Dampa offers fish ceviche, salt crusted fish, Cajun shrimp (pronounced KEI-jun), shrimp on stick, octopus on stick, baby squid on stick, blue marlin steak, tanguigue steak, deep fried tilapia, pompano, talaba, scallops, large squid, lapu-lapu, kitong, blue crabs, bamboo lobster and tiger prawns.

They also serve seafood in trays such as shipwreck, shrimp tray and captain's tray good for four persons which consist of shrimps, mussels, fajita vegetable (fa-HITA), potatoes and corn. Of course, they also serve non-seafood items such as my favorite Tat's ribs,

Tat's sisig and more. Tat's Seafood Dampa is located along Tomas Saco St. this city and they are open from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily. Tat's Seafood Dampa

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