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Salma Suites

Salma Suites now open in CDO

GOOD news for those who will be staying in Cagayan de Oro as college and senior high students or even as professionals working or dealing their businesses here.

Salma Suites is now open along the corner of Dolores street and Corrales avenue to cater to your long term settling needs.

It's very comfortable as each room is already furnished and airconditioned.

If you are a family, they also have a duplex with a sink kitchen.

The four-storey hotel has a total of 28 units.

At the ground level which will open this May 16 is the Steezy Gadget Hub.

On hand will be Apple phones, tablets, laptops, other gadgets and accessories.

Customers on opening day will have a chance to win an iPhone 11 unit and other surprise giveaways.

Steezy Gadget Hub is Home Credit-accredited.

Visit Salma Suites today and Steezy Gadget Hub soon!


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