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Looking for quality frozen food at affordable prices?

Search no more because Parcila'z is now open! Parcila'z, named after two siblings, offers frozen meat and processed meat products like hotdogs, corned beef, chicken, siomai,lumpia, chorizo, longannisa and more, all sanitarily packed and carefully frozen for freshness.

Parcila'z also has frozen seafood like tuna, salmon, cream dory, bangsi and pompano.

Prime cuts include pork pata, pork jowl, pork mask, flat bones, bulaklak, leg ham, belly strips, kermene and backfat.

Beef cuts like lean meatare also available at Parcila’z. They also sell at retail pork siomai, idol balls, ube siopao, ,young pork tocino, crispy burgers, chicken loaf, and chicken nuggets!

Parcila'z is located No. 18 Hayes Street in Pinikitan, just across Maria Reyna Hospital, Cagayan de Oro and for deliveries thru Maxim and orders, visit Parcila’z FB page.

So, for affordable and quality freshly-frozen food, there can only be one and that is Parcila’z!!!


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