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NIKU-Yata Ramen House, spins off from its sister Raki-Yata Ramen House.

NIKU-Yata Ramen House, spins off from its sister Raki-Yata Ramen House.

Established in 2019, Raki-yata Ramen House opened to the public in Cagayan de Oro City offerings its signature tonketsu shoyu ramen with creamy pork bone broth boiled for at least 12 hours using only artisan shoyu and dashi ingredients and served with house-made fresh noodles.

Fast forward to 2022,

Niku-yata Ramen House opens with the same excellent quality but highlighting gyukotsu shoyu ramen, a creamy beef ramen also boiled for many hours using the same premium ingredients on its sibling Raki-Yata with the additional surprise of black truffle.

Its variants of gyukotsu shoyu ramen comes in three flavors – the original gyukotsu shoyu ramen, tantanmen yata king (which is spicier and comes with chili oil) and the miso version of gyukotsu. Add ons can be ordered such as gyukotsu beef slices, miso beef, nori, aji tamago (i.e. soft boiled egg), corn, wood ear mushroom and more noodles.

Other items on the menu are korokke (golden breaded potato and beef croquettes), chicken karaage (crispy coated Japanese fried chicken cutlets), beef oyoza (steam-fried Japanese dumplings), abuki salmon roll (flame-seared salmon on sushi rice rolled with kani crab stick, cucumber and ripe mango), niku futomaki (Japanese fat-rolled sushi with miso beef, tamago and veggies), California maki (stuffed with ripe mango, cucumber, kani crab stick, cream cheese and special crunchy bits), Saikoro beef steak, Hambagu steak (Japanese hamburger steak in rich onion demi-glazed topped with cheese and mushrooms served sizzling with rice and crispy potato wedges), beef teppanyaki, Japanese cheese beef curry, salmon mentai don (delicious rich mush of aburi salmon dressed with creamy spicy mayo) and beef soboro don (served with steaming Japanese white rice).

Desserts available are mango samurai (i.e. sweet mango crepe rolls), matcha or coffee tiramisu and soft served ice cream.

Top ‘em off with any of the following drinks: berry cool tea, iced ginger calamansi with honey, peach mango, strawberry slushie, grape soda fizz, hot tea, hot coffee, soda and bottled water. They also have Japanese and San Mig Light beers available.

Niku-yata Ramen House is open from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. at SM City Uptown CDO North Wing.


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